Mephisto II

Building an internet radio with the Raspberry Pi

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Inspired by mightyohms internet radio I decided to build one on my own too. So I build my first radio with an Asus WL520-GU router and an Arduino Ethernet as UI controller: Mephisto I.

The project has been so much fun that I decided to build another one, but with a cheaper and more efficient hardware by choosing the Raspberry Pi.

The Name

Why Mephisto II? Well, my last name means "fist" in German (Faust) and this is the second radio I build, so...

The Radio Box

What? Wait? Why starting with the box? Well, I learned from my first project that I neither have the tools nor the room to build a box on my own. So I decided to lookup a possible box first and
build the radio depending on the design of the choosen box. The radio is a gift for a woman who's got an old-fashioned furniture style, so I bought a radio box from 1932 from ebay and started "hacking".

Box 1Box 2

The Hardware

Components used:

Problems, Solutions and Open Issues (Hardware)

The Software

With the power of the Raspberry Pi I decided to build a web-interface the user can configure the stations with. Since I already fiddled around with the awesome Adafruit Web IDE, I decided to use Python for the REST service and jquery-mobile for a responsive web UI. I've never programmed Python before, thinking everything is better than PHP, but realized soon that Python is a bit of a pain too. But building the UI using the bottle REST framework was fun and I achieved the desired results in really short time. So I decided to give the radio some "extras". I stumbled over the gmusic-python API on github and decided that it would be nice if the radio could play all my mp3 as well. So I build an UI for that too. You can see some screenshots below. The UI is in German, but I think you get the idea:

Radio ControlRadio ControlGMusic Control

Problems, Solutions and Open Issues (Software)

Because this was ...

I stumbled over some problems. Some of them I could solve, some of them remained unsolved. I want to share my knowledge here (and hopefully get some answers to my questions too). Here is a short overview about the main problems I faced building the software for the radio.


Once again, it was fun to build an internet radio on my own. And I'm looking forward to "make" my next project, even though I don't know yet what it's gonna be. Here are some additional fotos of the build process:

Speaker installationFront Panel ControlFront PanelPrototypingWiringWiringWiringWiring

Finished RadioFinished RadioFinished Radio